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Our goal is to inspire and educate individuals to maximize their life experience through fitness. Take a look at what others have to say about their Swoll Camp experience. We look forward to sharing your success story next. It’s time to live healthier and happier.


“My fitness goal for 2020 was not only to lose weight but to be a better and stronger version of myself than I was the day before. It’s been a lot of hard work getting to where I am now but I know I have so much further to go. Working with someone who pushes me and shows up for me in each and every session makes getting to my goal that much easier! The sessions are always challenging but I always feel like I accomplish something afterwards. Stay Tuned for updates in June!”


“Training with Isaiah has been a great experience! His drive and attitude create a fun and focused environment. The focus on form has increased my mind and body connection. He is encouraging and pushes me to do the best I can every session. There have been sessions I had to reschedule and he has been flexible and understanding. The progress I’ve seen in strength and endurance makes me excited to continue training with him!”



“3 month progress. I don’t ever feel different until I see side by side pics. This is amazing to me. I’ve never been this fit looking or have such a strong mental balance like I do now , what I am learning From training is spilling over into my everyday life. I feel I am unstoppable and can achieve anything I put my mind to. No limits for this girl!!Can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for me!! Isaiah, good work bro ! My new motto’s. Don’t be average , be savage 🐯 We are what we do repeatedly do , Excellence, then , is not an act but a habit. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies In the persons determination. Let’s go isaiah. 💪🌪💃 ****UPDATE.**** I was mistaken. It has been 4 months not 3 for my training with Isaiah. He texted me just now and sent “ it’s been 4 months yesterday Ms. Leann not 3.” He continues to amaze me how much he cares for me. We were not friends before I hired him. We never met !! Yes we have a great relationship but fact is I am his client. Just from our conversations. I know this about him ….. He genuinely has a passion for helping people. He chose to be a personal trainer for this reason. His work ethic , dedication and words of motivation not only helps you achieve your fitness goal it spills over into every day life. He isn’t only my fitness trainer, he is my life coach. Thank you Isaiah Smallwood from the bottom of me and my families hearts we all appreciate you for helping me be the best version of me. I highly , highly recommend him if you’re on the fence about hiring a personal trainer or like me , not sure if it would work because I tried by myself for the last 4 yrs. take the leap , I know it was a great decision I made and I don’t regret anything about it. My life has changed 100%!!!!!! . Self care and self love. Never did I think learning how to live a healthy lifestyle would give me that and so much more. If you don’t hire him. Hire someone, I think everyone deserves to love themselves like I am learning right now.”


“Isaiah Smallwood has been a fitness inspiration to me for about 6 months now. Mr. Smallwood genuinely cares about his clients as evident by the personal messages he routinely sends just to encourage us to stay vigilant with our diets, water and fitness plans. I especially like that he listens to his clients about their possible physical limitations and designs the training sessions to be challenging yet sensitive to existing injuries and limitations. Mr. Smallwood is a great coach and motivator. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to elevate their quality of living.”



“8 months ago I started working out with Isaiah at Swoll Camp. Isaiah pushes me to be the best, and he reminds me to never give up. He motivates me at every session and doesn’t let me quit on myself. Not only does he push me to be better with my workouts he also helps me stay on top of my nutrition throughout the week. Swoll Camp has taken my workouts and nutrition to the next level. I’m very grateful that I signed up. My fitness journey isn’t done yet but I’m getting closer to my goal everyday. As Isaiah says ‘gotta keep leveling up’ 💪 “


“Just wanted to shoutout the best damn trainer in Tampa. Here for all your fitness needs. If you are looking for a personal trainer @swollcamp is your guy! He’s dope, very knowledgeable, respectful, relatable, encouraging, definitely going to push you & whip yo ass in shape to help reach your goal(s). If you’ve been contemplating taking that step towards a healthier lifestyle… a healthier you… here is your sign! There’s no better time than the present!! #swollcamp”



“Isaiah’s Swoll Camp is an extreme delight for management and residents. Isaiah worked tirelessly with management to organize the camp(s) – from social media and outreach to set up and take down. We continue to grow these camps week after week at our community and the value it brings to the table has been outstanding. What a great amenity to offer your residents – the gift of health and fitness! As we continue this journey with Isaiah and Swoll Camp I look forward to seeing the growth of the camp and our residents alike.“

Gina DaSilva

Manager of The Livingston Tampa

“Isaiah is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with! He is tough and will push you to your limits but he reminds you that you are capable, powerful, and stronger than you ever thought. I really appreciated that he did the workout with me, and encouraged me all at the same time. He reminds me that the power I bring to my workout is the power I bring to every other area of my life. I appreciate the encouragement to improve my health, and my mindset. Swoll camp is the best!”



“Swoll camp not only prepared me for my surf trip, it mentally prepared me to not give up. I have seen a different in my body, my sprit, and confidence. I am now able to walk up stairs without getting winded, I was able to preform in the water on my surf board better, and I am so much more comfortable in my body. I look forward to my time with Isaiah and he pushes me to be my best self. Every aspect of my body was hit everyday, leading me to a body that can do this I wasn’t capable of doing before. Isaiah makes things comfortable and, on some of my worse days he pushed out the negative. I left Swoll camp with a better mindset.”


My wife and I have watched Isaiah from afar for awhile before taking the leap into our own fitness journey. Personally I was afraid I would hate training but I’ve grown to love every workout and the way it makes me feel stronger every session and Isaiah really pushes me to give my absolute best. After just 12 sessions I actually saw significant results and I look forward to continuing on training with Isaiah.


I started on August 1st with Isaiah for plans of just getting ready for a summer vacation but ultimately my mindset has changed drastically with how I mentally and physically feel and this is for the long haul. I’ve gained so much energy and strength training with Isaiah. I have a previous knee injury and what I really appreciate about Isaiah is how he always checks in during the workouts and makes sure that I’m doing everything properly to avoid any other type of injuries. Overall my experience has been great and I’m excited to continue on my fitness journey.


I am so glad I’ve met Swoll Camp. Isaiah was able to understand what my goals were in conform a perfect plan for myself and my husband. After 25 sessions I am proud to say I’ve lost 20 pounds and motivated to lose even more. Isaiah always checked up on me making sure that I stayed on top of my nutrition and my hydration. We also had progression photos to stay on top of the task at hand and push me even more as our sessions for progressed. Another point I wanna say is I completed all of our workouts virtually. So this really motivated me to know that I wanted to lose weight and there’s no excuse to be forced to be in person or the inside he gym. Took it upon myself to keep pushing and attend our early morning workouts virtually even during the time that I’ve lost my father I still pushed to attend the workouts and had no excuse. I’m looking forward to work out with him again in the future this definitely was something that help me kickstart my motivation to work out again. 


DJ Lady Shay

I started swoll camp in October this year. My experience has been nothing short of amazing. Isaiah is very professional as well as personable which allows me to feel comfortable with him as my trainer. He reaches out between sessions to keep me accountable as well as on track with nutrition and hydration plans in order to help reach fitness goals. As a beginner I really appreciate that Isaiah listens to me and my concerns but at the same time never allows me to sell myself short or quit. He is extremely motivating as well as knowledgeable. On top of that Since starting my fitness journey I have felt better on the inside and feel better about myself on the outside. I would recommend anyone to go to swoll camp to help reach their fitness goals!


I started my journey to get back into shape in October 2020. I happened to stumble across a friend post on social media that showed a clip of coach (Isaiah) working-out. I got in contact with him and after my first initial session I made the decision to continue to use his services. In the beginning stage of my journey, it was very difficult to keep up with the workouts, but the best part is that he adjusts the workouts to ensure that I am comfortable as well as getting a high intensity workout. Even through the pandemic has cause everyone to adjust to a new normal, I was still able to get a great workout virtually. Although, it is a virtually session does not imply that it is easier. Has dedication to his client’s results is truly important. It is great to have a coach that is invested, encouraging, and true advocate for mental toughness and discipline.


Training with Isaiah has been such a blessing! I have been looking for a trainer for a while now and have always made excuses…..but not this time!!! I have been up and down with my fitness goals for a long time, but when I met Isaiah I knew I would soon be on my way to accomplish all my goals!! Isaiah not only pushes me every session, but he continues to check in to see how I am doing on the days I am not training with him. I have always loved working out, but with my crazy busy schedule, I stopped doing it. I became so frustrated with myself! Isaiah keeps me committed to continue to reach for my fitness goals every single day! He has gone over and beyond my expectations and I always look forward to our sessions! I cannot thank you enough! 2022 is a the year for SWOLL CAMP and I cannot wait to crush it! Thank you!