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Group Classes

​Let’s cultivate a health and fitness culture for your organization

What We Do

Partnering with Swoll Camp ensures with confidence you will have a fitness expert to create a memorable experience for your organization.


Whether it’s attracting new customers by offering onsite group fitness sessions on a weekly basis, educating your employees on better healthy living, deepening relationships between students, or celebrating company milestones with a volleyball tournament we got you covered. Once you secure your slot we will collaborate with you to build the foundation of your vision. From the itinerary to the location we will bring your brand to life.

Group Class Types





Boot Camp

Sports Training


We bring a group fitness experience like no other to you choose a workout type:
Functional, Calisthenics, HIIT, Interval, Boot Camp, Sports Training We can use your gym,
but our coaches are equipped to work the body without equipment Monthly contracts available upon request.

Group 1
Up to 12 participants
30 mins - $275
1 hour - $500
Group 2
Up to 24 participants
30 mins - $550
1 hour - $1000
Group 3
25+ participants
30 mins - $1100
1 hour - $1900

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