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Event Coordination

We bring energy, fun, and excitement to you by
creating, organizing, and executing memorable fitness events for your staff, friends, and customers.

Swoll Camp is your health and fitness advocate
ready to plan your private gatherings or companies’ next event.

We bring people together by pushing the boundaries on health and fitness in original, but familiar environments. We don’t see limitations on settings whether it’s a beach, ballroom, corporate break room, or your own home. We strive to deliver a unique experience only Swoll Camp can provide. We can turn a simple children’s game like hot potato into an unforgettable activity you’ll want to play again and again.

We collaborate with our clients to personalize the events, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of the details.

Best Value!
Swoll 3
You get everything from Swoll Tier 1&2 PLUS:
Up to an additional 2 hours for event
Data collection and analysis
Budget management
Swoll 2
You get everything from Swoll Tier 1 PLUS:
Extra 30 min with weekly consultation call
Secure venue
Development of marketing strategy with client
Provide health and fitness equipment
Swoll 1
Up to 4 hours
Conceptualize event
Itineray creation
Event set up
30 min weekly consultation call
Event Execution
Custom Swoll
Got something else in mind? Let's come up with a custom experience for you

Event Ideas

  • Group Fitness Sessions
  • HIIT, Interval, Boot Camp, Sports Training, Etc.
  • Recreational Sports and Tournaments
  • Volleyball, Kickball, Softball, Football, Etc.
  • Health Seminars
  • Field Days
  • Camps
  • Contests
  • Fitness Parties
  • Health Walks
  • Fitness Events aren’t limited to this,
    if you have a unique idea we’re ready to bring it to life!

Let Us Plan Your Next Fitness Experience

There’s unlimited ways fitness can be utilized to create unforgettable experiences with friends.
The moments, laughs, and smiles everyone takes away from it will last a lifetime.

Event Coordination
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