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More Than A Fitness Experience

We create, organize, and coordinate
memorable health and fitness experiences for you!

Event Coordination

We bring energy, fun, and excitement to you by creating, organizing, and coordinating memorable fitness events for your friends, staff, and customers.
We make fitness enjoyable, not a chore.

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Group Classes

Want to cultivate a company culture that keeps your team motivated each and every week? Our functional fitness group classes will set your organization apart from the competition.

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Personal Training

We don’t just develop your body we develop your mentality. The physical is just an added bonus. Our personalized programs and health education ensures you’ll leave more confident and with the ability to stay on course without us.

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Who We Help

Apartment Complexes

Build a stronger community with your residents and improve occupancy retention

Corporations/Small Businesses

Create memorable experiences that will attract the best talent


Foster connections with students, applicants, and alumni


Nurture your community of supporters

About Coach Swoll

Isaiah Smallwood AKA Coach Swoll, owner and founder of Swoll Camp. A committed advocate for health and fitness. Former D1 Power 5 School Outside Linebacker (Go Noles). NASM Certified Fitness Expert with over 13 years of experience. He takes pride in giving back to the community and inspiring young adults by volunteering and guest speaking. He lives a disciplined pescatarian lifestyle. The coach that not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.

“8 months ago I started working out with Isaiah at Swoll Camp. Isaiah pushes me to be the best, and he reminds me to never give up. He motivates me at every session and doesn’t let me quit on myself. Not only does he push me to be better with my workouts he also helps me stay on top of my nutrition throughout the week. Swoll Camp has taken my workouts and nutrition to the next level. I’m very grateful that I signed up. My fitness journey isn’t done yet but I’m getting closer to my goal everyday. As Isaiah says ‘gotta keep leveling up’ 💪 “
Training with Isaiah has been such a blessing! I have been looking for a trainer for a while now and have always made excuses…..but not this time!!! I have been up and down with my fitness goals for a long time, but when I met Isaiah I knew I would soon be on my way to accomplish all my goals!! Isaiah not only pushes me every session, but he continues to check in to see how I am doing on the days I am not training with him. I have always loved working out, but with my crazy busy schedule, I stopped doing it. I became so frustrated with myself! Isaiah keeps me committed to continue to reach for my fitness goals every single day! He has gone over and beyond my expectations and I always look forward to our sessions! I cannot thank you enough! 2022 is a the year for SWOLL CAMP and I cannot wait to crush it! Thank you!
“Isaiah’s Swoll Camp is an extreme delight for management and residents. Isaiah worked tirelessly with management to organize the camp(s) – from social media and outreach to set up and take down. We continue to grow these camps week after week at our community and the value it brings to the table has been outstanding. What a great amenity to offer your residents – the gift of health and fitness! As we continue this journey with Isaiah and Swoll Camp I look forward to seeing the growth of the camp and our residents alike.“
Gina DaSilva
Manager of The Livingston Tampa

Our Value

As a brand built on health and fitness advocacy, Swoll Camp cultivates health and fitness culture. That is where our value lies. Consistency, Discipline, Perseverance, Accountability, and Commitment are Swoll Camp’s 5 Pillars. We stand on that foundation and promise to deliver.

Our Mission

We Cultivate Health and Fitness Culture. Our mission is to influence and lead communities to focus on the benefits of healthy living. Through fitness we inspire and educate individuals to maximize their life experience. You only get 1 body.

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